Video Copilot Element 3D
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Video Copilot has released update patch 1.5 to Element 3D which adds even more functionality to the 3D After Effects plug-in. The feature that looks the most exciting to us is the ability to import OBJ sequences into your compositions! So not only will you be able to toss 3D geometry into your comps, you will also be able to bring in 3D animated objects! Totally cool stuff. This update also includes other great additions like glow and shimmer effects, the ability to control ambient occlusion of each 3D object individually, as well as some other UI updates.

The Video Copilot store also added the Metropolitan Pack for Element 3D to the Video Copilot website. Its library includes over 100 high definition 3D models of city skyscrapers and buildings complete with over a gigabyte of textures. The detail included in the models and textures are fantastic! They even include things like antennas, satellites, helipads, vents and even air-conditioners on the rooftops. If that isn't enough it ALSO includes textures for both day and night so you are able to direct the time of day in an entire 3D city. There is just an incredible amount of detail and value included in the Metropolitan Pack by the Video Copilot team when they put these together.

The Metropolitan Pack also works with other 3D programs including Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Vray, Maya, and Blender.

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By Dustin Horrock
Director photography, Digital artist, Co-founder of ElderTM Company Marketing